About Nepal

About Nepal

- Kathmandu

- Republic

- Kingdom declared December 21, 1768
- State declared January 15, 2007
- Republic declared May 28, 2008

- President Ram Baran Yadav
- Vice President Parmanand Jha
- Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal

- Total 56,827 square miles

- 2009 estimate 29,331,000

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Kathmandu, Nepal 2008 Crusade

For the first time ever in the history of Nepal, a gospel event was held in the National Stadium. We want to thank all of you for your prayers and support of this historic moment in this great nation's history.

God blessed us with unprecedented support and solidarity among the churches, with over 200 churches and more than 2000 church leaders supporting the crusade.

We pray that we will be able to say that this generation was used by God to take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

"I wanted to write a brief report about the crusade in Kathmandu. Last night I met with pastors that were thrilled beyond my expectations. They all were so amazed and excited, because they had never seen such wonderful miracles before. They had never seen so many Hindus come to Jesus before. One of the senior pastors said, 'An awakening has come to our nation.' Another senior pastor said, 'People who were sick were coming to me and God was healing them as I laid my hands on them,' and additionally, 'I think that God will do miracles through my life now so that the people can be healed and set free.' Every pastor thanked us over and over again, telling us that this was truly a historic event. Never before in Nepal had so many people been gathered in one place, much less in the National Stadium. We saw devils go out of many who were possessed by them. People who were blind received their sight. Those who were paralyzed and crippled walked. The deaf heard, the mute spoke, and the mentally insane were made perfectly whole. There were so many miracles that we may never hear of them all until we cross over to the other side. Please let me thank all of you for joining us. We were simply willing to believe and God made us history makers. Please keep us in prayer as we are traveling to Southern Nepal today for another crusade. Also join with us in faith for the financial miracle that we need to cover the rest of the expenses for these crusades." - Pastor Mark Spitsbergen



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Crusade Summary

Nepal 2008 Crusade Details

Date: July 2008 - for 5 Days

Over 10,000+ nightly

Many saved, healed & delivered; hundreds are baptized

Dasharath Rangasala is Nepal's National Stadium.  It was built in 1956.

Before the Crusade

Here is an excerpt from a letter that I wrote to the pastors of Kathmandu:

“We are certain that if we strictly follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and give Him the absolute control over these meetings Jesus will be revealed in a way that Nepal has never before seen. We are so grateful for your support and the unity that you will bring to these meetings for this purpose. I believe that it was a miracle for us to be allowed to rent the Stadium and that it is a definite witness to the purposes of the Lord Jesus for Nepal. I remind you that when I stood on the platform the last day of the meeting in 2006 I proclaimed by the Holy Spirit that peace would come to the nation of Nepal, a process which began within a month after the meetings (In late November 2006 a comprehensive peace agreement was reached between SPA and Maoist). I also prophesied that the nation of Nepal would see the church as an asset and a blessing. I am certain that these meetings will bring a greater manifestation of our Lords desire to bless the nation of Nepal through His churches.”