About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

 - Port Moresby

 -  Federal Constitutional Monarchy & Parliamentary Democracy 

 -  Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II
 -  Governor-General: Sir Paulias Matane
 -  Prime Minister: Sir Michael Somare 
 -  Total 178,703 square miles
 -  2009 estimate 6,732,000
Map - Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea Crusade - 2006

We are having a tremendous move of God! We were just in We Wak, which is in northern Papua New Guinea. The city was so impacted that the miracles have become the talk of the city. We left the churches full of the Holy Ghost. Things happened that the older men of God had never seen before.

We are in Lae now, and had both a great harvest of souls and great miracles last night. Many deaf ears were opened, broken backs were healed, and tumors disappeared. The converts are being baptized as I write. There were about 7,000-10,000 people present at the first night of the crusade.  More importantly, the fire of the Holy Spirit fell on these people in an awesome way. The nation of Papua New Guinea is in the throws of a national revival. Every province and major city has asked us to do crusades.  In fact, on the last night of the crusade, about 20,000 people attended.

Please keep me in prayer, as you know the enemy attempts to attack us on every front when things like this happen. I am facing many difficulties in terms of how to be faithful to God, and at the same time, honor as many men as possible without compromising what Father has proven that we are to do in this nation.

The link between Papua New Guinea and China has been more clearly revealed to me. It looks as if China will be the next series of meetings. I have already raised up two ministries here to take up where I will have to leave off. My friend from the United States, John Ward is being used so powerfully here that the pastors are ready to back him in whatever he wants to do. Praise God! ~ Pastor Mark Spitsbergen

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Crusade Summary

Papua New Guinea Crusade Details

Date:  July 2005 - for 5 Days

  Over 10,000+ nightly

Many saved, healed & delivered; hundreds are baptized