Prayer Meetings

Prayer starts at 5:00 pm before our Sunday evening worship service, and at 6:00 pm before our Wednesday evening service.

Past Events

moores033014Evangelists Richard & Ronda Moore will be at the Abiding Place on Sunday, March 30, 2014.

Their meetings are reminiscent of revivals from the past where the glory of God comes and people are saturated with God’s presence. Some of their meetings have lasted up to seven weeks, conducting two services a day. Every meeting is accompanied with salvations, mighty signs, wonders and miracles.

Richard and Ronda are committed to spreading revival throughout the world - Jesus in every nation, Jesus in every city, and Jesus in every heart.

To learn more about Richard & Ronda Moore, please visit his web site at


Tim-Hall-May-25-28Evangelist Tim Hall will be at the Abidng Place on Sunday, May 25, 2014 - for both services with services continuing every night through Wednesday, May 28th.  You will not want to miss these meetings!

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday evening meetings will begin at 7:00 pm.

Governments have sponsored Tim's Crusades because of the incredible impact that the Gospel, preached with power, has on their countries.

To find out more about Tim Hall, please check out his web site at

Tim Hall recently published his new book, Giant Killers. You can read bout it, and order it online at his web site.  You can visit his FaceBook page and follow him on Twitter.



Brother Joshua with Back to Jerusalem will be here at the Abiding Place for one meeting only on Wednesday, April 2 at 7pm. This is a history making event. This trip to the U.S. will be the first time Brother Joshua will be speaking in an open forum in this country.

Brother Joshua is one of the foremost leaders of the House of China he is an underground house church pastor in a network of several million believers. He has several Back to Jerusalem missionaries in countries around the world including Sudan, North Korea, Cambodia, Burma, Thailand, Syria and many other countries.

Brother Joshua is a long time friend of Brother Yun best known for the book The Heavenly Man. If you have had the blessed opportunity to read this book it, gives you a glimpse of the persecuted church in the world today. There are hundreds of thousands of people giving their lives to Jesus Christ each month in China alone. These ministers and missionaries truly lay down their lives for the gospel and it is powerfully effective. The persecution only fans the flam to reach more people to the love of Jesus Christ.

Your hearts will be stirred and we pray changed forever as you hear how God is using these men to shake the nations with revival. They have a passion to raise up missionaries and send them throughout the world.

Unfortunately, this meeting will not be filmed or broadcasted live over the internet. In addition, taking personal photographs or filming during this event will not be allowed.

For more information visit BTJ website:

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