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Daily Bread - January 9, 2018
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 08 January 2018 23:39
Proverbs 2:2 - Cause your ear to be attentive to wisdom and incline you
heart to understanding.

Every Word that proceeds from the mouth of God is wisdom. If we are going
to walk in the many blessings and insights of God's wisdom, then we are
going to have to obey His instructions. God's wisdom instructs us in the
ways of Life and leads us in the knowledge of the Almighty. If we want to
enjoy the blessings of God's abundant Life, then we must give ourselves to
obey the words which His wisdom and instruction dictates so that we can
depart from the snares of darkness and death (Proverbs 13:14, 14:27).

There are many who have made the mistake of thinking that just by
memorizing the Scriptures and going to church they should be able to enter
into the blessings of God. However, it is essential to understand how we
must be willing to obey the Word of God, and be doers of those things that
He says to do (James 1:7-8, 22; Matthew 6:24, 7:21,24, 12:50; Luke 6:46-48,
11:28; John 14:15,21, 15:10; 1 John 5:2). If we are willing to give
ourselves over to live in obedience to what God has said, then we will
discover the glorious reward only found in obedience to His Word (Proverbs
3:13-18, 6:23; Psalms 19:11).

As we are obedient to the Word of God, great miracles and blessings take
place in our lives beginning with being born of God (Romans 6:17-18,
10:17). As we walk in the law of the Spirit of Life, then we discover the
understanding of God and insight of the Almighty (Psalms
119:34,99,104,130,144,169, 147:5). Set out now on this glorious adventure
of obedience to God, and discover the awesome splendor and insight of His
ways (Proverbs 9:10, 8:13, 15:33)! As we obey God, we begin to see things
through the eyes of God instead of the warped perception of humanity. The
more we are willing to walk in obedience, the greater the revelation and
manifestation of Jesus will be to us and through us. Walk in wisdom and
turn away from evil; for the ways of God are not learned through
experience, but through obedience to His wisdom (Job 28:28; Psalms 111:10;
Proverbs 1:7, 3:7, 9:10, 15:33; Isaiah 33:6).

Be wise; hear and do God's Word! (Matthew 7:24)
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