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Daily Bread - June 12, 2018
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Tuesday, 12 June 2018 08:27
Hebrews 12:14 - Follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no
man shall see the Lord

Without Holiness No Man Shall See God (Part 2):

In the terms of the covenant, God commanded all of Israel to clean
themselves up and to wash with water so that they would be ready to meet
with Him. In the first great meeting, He began to reveal His commandments
and statutes, and because the people were willing to accept and abide by
them, God further bound them by an oath to the covenant with the sprinkling
of blood. Being brought out to be separated unto the Lord, baptized in the
sea, sanctified by His presence, washed with water, sprinkled with the
blood, and enjoined unto His covenant, God placed His tabernacle in their
midst. The door back into relationship with God had been opened up once
again with a testimony that one day, the way back into His fullness would
be restored. For now, everyone was invited to come and interact with the
Lord at the door of the tabernacle, so long as they brought the
intercessory offering that would represent their lives in total surrender
to God. Every interaction with God would demand the highest level of
reverence and the fear of the Lord (Psalm 5:7, 34:9, 89:7, 96:9).

Although they had not stepped back into the paradise of God's glory, at
least now they could stand around the door. One day the door would be open
and the cherubim removed when the veil of the temple would be torn in two.
There would be nothing ordinary or casual about their interaction with God,
for they would have a continual witness that a redeemer was required to
make them acceptable. Everything about their lives would have to change;
they could not be like the world around them and also be acceptable to the
living God.
The holiness that God requires for everyone who will enter into the inner
chambers of His presence was witnessed by His command to make holy garments
for Aaron and his sons. They were always to be dressed in this holy apparel
when they came into His presence, otherwise they would bear their iniquity
and would die. There would be nothing of the person of man acceptable to
God or allowed into His presence. The blood of the sacrifice would be shed
and holy garments worn, for anyone to stand in the presence of the holy
God, Who will have no fellowship with anything less than that which is
holy. God gave to everyone who was to draw near unto Him, or who would
touch anything that belonged to Him, a special divine power, and that
divine power was the witness of His holiness.

There is a list of those who interacted with God prior to this fuller
revelation of God's holiness and the giving of the Law. There was Abel,
Enoch, and Noah who all belonged to the old world that was destroyed by a
flood. All three of these men were listed as righteous men, who in some
form walked with God and pleased Him. After them came Abraham, Isaac,
Jacob, Job, and then Moses, who each take a unique place in the preparation
of God's family. Under the leadership of Moses, still another dimension of
interaction with God was unveiled as God opened the door of relationship
for a whole nation instead of just a few men. Although the holiness of God
was not fully revealed until the time of Moses, we know that the
righteousness of those who were before Moses was the outworking of holiness
which was given to them. Holiness must be more than a conformity to the
known will of the Lord, for fallen men would fail to ever conform. Rather,
holiness must be the empowerment of God imparted to those who would walk
with God so that they may interact with Him and have the divine ability to
conform to His will.

Be Holy,

Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
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