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Daily Bread - June 13, 2018
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Wednesday, 13 June 2018 08:21
Leviticus 8:10 - And Moses took the anointing oil, and anointed the
tabernacle and all that was therein, and sanctified them.

The Anointing - A Word Expressing Holiness Given (Part 1):

There is a relationship between holiness and the special divine abilities
(or anointing) given to men. Moses was the first person to receive a
special divine ability to represent God with signs and wonders - however,
he was never referred to as anointed.

The divine ability that Moses had was given to him as he stood before the
burning bush and encountered God and His holiness. The ability that God
gave to Moses was in the context of the sanctifying work that took place as
he stood in the presence of the Lord. There, in the presence of the Lord,
he removed the shoes from His feet so that nothing would act as a barrier
between him and the holiness of God that the ground then conveyed. His feet
were standing on the same ground that God was standing on, his eyes beheld
the glory of the fire of His presence, and his ears were filled with the
sound of His voice.

Through the grace and choice of God, Moses had received a holiness that
allowed him to interact with God beyond what anyone else had. Yet,
connected with this holiness was a display of power that had never before
been demonstrated through a man. Two things converge in Moses’ life:
holiness and the Spirit that empowered him to do exploits. The encounters
that Moses had with God only continued to increase when he returned to
Sinai. When the need arose, God took some of the Spirit that Moses had
received and put it upon seventy other men (Numbers 11:17). The Spirit of
the Lord, which gave Moses his divine ability, was also imparted into
Joshua through the laying on of his hands. The Lord referred to the divine
ability that Moses had received from Him as power and majesty (הֹוד,
Numbers 27:20).
It must also be pointed out that Joshua also had the “Spirit.” Joshua also
had an encounter with the presence and holiness of God (Numbers 27:18).
When the presence and glory of the Lord came down upon the tabernacle,
Joshua was there to witness it. The same presence and glory of the Lord
that made the tabernacle holy also had its effect on Joshua (Exodus 29:43).
Joshua was touched by the glory that made the tabernacle holy so that he
could remain in the tabernacle (Exodus 33:11). Once again, we are met with
the convergence of the holiness of God and a person who has been endued
with the “Spirit.” Just as the tabernacle was made holy by the glory of
God, even so anyone likewise touched was made holy by the same glory
conveyed through the manifest presence of the Lord.

Be Holy,

Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
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