Daily Bread - September 17, 2020 (The Fifth Day - Genesis 1:20-23)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Thursday, 17 September 2020 10:30
Romans 8:6 - For carnal thinking is death, but spiritual thinking is life
and peace.

Part 2 ~ The Limits of Natural Thinking and the Wellspring of Spiritual

That which is "carnal" is not necessarily bad - just earthly and temporal
(Romans 15:27; 1 Corinthians 9:11, 15:44). However, dependency upon the
carnal, or natural thinking of man, almost altogether shuts out the voice
of the Holy Spirit, and will most definitely bring those who trust in
themselves to ruin. The natural mind is limited to the laws of nature and
cannot easily move into the realms of the miraculous. The natural mind
would more eagerly look to a human answer or earthly remedy to supply a

The natural mind is governed by what it sees, hears, and has physical
evidence for; whereas, the spiritual mind believes the Word of God and
needs no other proof. The spiritual mind functions in the realm of faith,
and depends upon the unseen power of God to supply all our needs. Those
things that are seen are only temporal, and like the glory and ability of
men, they pass away; but the things that are unseen and reveled to us by
the Word of God will never fail or pass away (2 Corinthians 4:18). Those
who trust in the Lord, and who wholly trust in what He has said, will be
blessed with all those things He has promised (Jeremiah 17:7-8; Psalm
1:2-3; Joshua 1:8; Colossians 3:16).
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