Guest Articles

Christ Appears to the Eleven Disciples at Table - a Sermon by Peter Chrysologus
(English text is copyrighted 1953 by the Catholic University of America Press)
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Divine Madness? Speaking in Tongues in 1 Corinthians 14.23 by Stephen J. Chester
International Christian College, Glasgow G4 0PS, UK
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Peace, Unity and the Anointing by Glen Galloway
Abiding Place Ministries, San Diego, CA 92131

On the Cessation of the Charismata: The Protestant Polemic on Post-Biblical Miracles by Jon Ruthven, PhD
Professor, Systematic and Practical Theology, School of Divinity, Regent University, Virgina Beach, VA 23464-9871

The Breach by Pastor Mike Beck
House of Prayer - Brooklyn, New York
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