Daily Bread - February 28, 2020 (The Sixth Day - Genesis 1:24-31)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Friday, 28 February 2020 08:14
Hebrews 10:22 - Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of
faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies
washed with pure water.

Part 1 ~ The Basis of Boldness

Many times we have asked God to draw us close to Him, or to allow us to
experience a greater depth of communion with Him. All of this is good, but
we must understand that Father has made a way for us to come into His
presence and be one with Him (John 6:56, 14:17, 20-24, 15:5, 17:21-23; and
1 John 3:24). The way God made is Jesus. His blood was poured out for us so
that everything separating us from God, or condemning us, would be
completely removed (Hebrews 10:17; Isaiah 59:2; 1 Corinthians 6:9-11).

We must believe the blood has cleansed us from all of our sins and
iniquities, so that we may have boldness and confidence (1 John 1:9;
Philippians 2:15; 2 Peter 3:14; Revelation 1:5; 1 Timothy 6:14). We cannot
draw near to God without this boldness; a boldness that only comes to us
because we are absolutely convinced that the blood of Jesus has made us
holy and acceptable unto God (Ephesians 3:12, 4:24; Hebrews 4:16; Romans

We cannot please God, nor draw near to Him, without such faith. If we try
to access the presence of God based upon our own personage, we will not be
allowed in. Our access into the presence of God is by the faith of Jesus,
and by the Holy Spirit that brings us in (Ephesians 2:18, 3:12; Romans 5:2;
John 10:7, 9). Even as the preacher led you into the water to baptize you,
and as you submitted yourself to be immersed in the water, you must also
submit to the work of grace that brings us with all boldness into the
presence of God. An evil conscience cannot come in. A heart that is
condemned, a soul that is ashamed, has no access to the presence of the
Lord. Only those who have believed what God has said about His Son, and
receive the cleansing, may stand in the Holies of Holies (1 John 5:10-13;
Hebrews 10:19).
Daily Bread - February 27, 2020 (The Fifth Day - Genesis 1:20-23)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Thursday, 27 February 2020 08:54
Hebrews 10:19 - Therefore, brethren, have boldness to enter into the
holiest by the blood of Jesus.

There is only one place in which we can interact with God, and that is in
the realm of holiness (Exodus 3:5, 19:23, 26:33; Isaiah 6:1-4; and Numbers
17:4, 18:10; Hebrews 9:8). God in His mercy sanctified and cleansed us by
the blood of Jesus, so that we could interact with Him (John 17:19; Hebrews
2:11, 10:10, 14; and 1 Corinthians 1:2, 30, 6:11). Regardless of how evil
and sinful we had been, He loved us with His great love and gave us all an
invitation to enter in. However, many fail to realize that God has called
us to holiness with a holy calling: to an awesome realm of sacredness and
purity, where He Himself dwells. Many would think they can have a deep
relationship with God in their disobedience and sinfulness, but that is not
true. The deeper you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you into
the sacred realm of God, the deeper and more glorious the revelation
becomes of the One Who dwells in the Holy Place (Isaiah 57:15, 66:1-2;
Ephesians 3:18-19; Habakkuk 1:13; Psalm 5:4, 11:7, 34:15-16; 1 Peter 1:15;
2 Peter 1:3-11).

God made a way where there was no way: a way for us to be purified -not by
any works of righteousness which we had done, but through the blood and
life of His only begotten Son. It has always been God's desire that we
worship him in holiness and truth (John 4:23-24; Ephesians 4:24); and so He
gave us an example like Aaron, who after being set apart and given a
special anointing to stand in His presence, had a crown of gold placed upon
his head that said "Holiness to the Lord" (Exodus 39:30). Anytime we think
of the work of the Spirit, we should think of absolute holiness because He
is the Holy Spirit -Who is the very expression of Holiness. And He has come
to lead us and guide us into all the ways of holiness -the life of God,
which is a life of purity and love (John 4:23-24; Romans 15:16; 2
Thessalonians 2:13; Ephesians 4:24; Titus 3:4-5).
Daily Bread - February 26, 2020 (The Fourth Day - Genesis 1:14-19)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Wednesday, 26 February 2020 08:39
Colossians 2:2-3 - That your hearts might be encouraged, joined together in
love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of the understanding unto
an exact knowledge of the mystery of God and Father and the Christ, in Whom
are hid all of treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

There is a key given to us throughout the Scripture that allows us to
understand how to come into all of the fullness of God. Paul revealed in
Ephesians 3 that as a result of knowing the love of Christ, we can be
filled with the fullness of God (Ephesians 3:19). Jesus made loving one
another the precursor to fullness of joy (John 15:10-11). He also made this
love for one another the means by which all men would know that we are His
disciples (John 13:35). Jesus made it very clear that if we would love Him,
that both He and the Father would come and make their dwelling with us
(John 14:23).

The realm of love is the realm where God dwells; and so when we dwell in
love, we dwell in God (1 John 4:16). We learn that love is the greatest and
most important thing of all. It is by love that faith works, and it is
through love that salvation was brought to us (1 Corinthians 13:13;
Galatians 5:6; John 3:16). With 115 commands and examples given to us of
the importance of love, we should make it the foremost priority of our
lives. Perhaps, we spend so much time and effort searching for a model and
a hidden key to revival and an increase in the anointing and the manifest
presence of God, while all of the time, we pass over the answer. If we
would only give ourselves over to His love continually and completely, we
would realize all of the things in God that we have desired. I am certain
that on the Day of Judgment we are going to be primarily brought into
question on how well we loved.
Daily Bread - February 25, 2020 (The Third Day - Genesis 1:9-13)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Tuesday, 25 February 2020 05:20
James 3:11 - Does a spring bring forth from the same opening both sweet and
bitter water?

Part 2 ~ The Effects of Evil Speaking

Pastors and Church leaders suffer more of the abuse of evil speaking than
any other single group within the Church community. Yet, few have taken to
heart why judgment fell upon the brother and sister of Moses so quickly. As
soon as Miriam spoke evil against her brother, the uncleanness of her lips
(that defiled her whole body) was manifested as leprous disease which set
in to rot her whole being (Numbers 12:1-10). There have been many whose
lives would have been developed into something great, but a slanderous
word, or a suspicious concern, devoured their minds, and their hearts
became evil affected against the leadership that God brought into their
life; and they were consumed. Many have taken the seat of judgment and said
that they "disagreed", or "questioned the leadership" for this reason or
that, and have burned up and consumed the confidence of another preventing
them from what God had desired. All of these things will be brought out on
a day of judgment, and many will die in their iniquity. There is never a
justifiable reason for speaking evil against another person. If something
is wrong and must be settled, then it is to be done behind closed doors
face to face with the offender (Matthew 5:23-24, 18:15).

This devilish and demonic thing began when Satan (who is the chief
slanderer) prepared within his tongue the first accusation ever spoken. His
accusation was against God. He went throughout the world that then was,
accusing God of not being good enough or fair enough (Ezekiel 28:15-18;
Revelation 12:9). Even as the accuser told Eve, "God knows that you will be
like Him if you eat of the fruit of the tree." He had convinced her that it
should be desired to make her wise, and it was God who would withhold such
a treasure (Genesis 3:4-6). The name "devil" means slanderer or accuser;
and as such he is Satan, which means adversary. He is the adversary of God
and of His anointed. He is also the adversary of all mankind. If you have
spoken evil against anyone, and especially of someone anointed of God,
repent and make it right. Never allow the flames of hell to burn within
your mouth again. Do not yield your members to unrighteousness and take up
those demonic and adversarial words created from the mind of Satan to
devour the souls of men. Your tongue was created by God to praise. It was
given to you to bless and to curse not! Never again join with Satan in his
attack against Christ Jesus and His saints.
Daily Bread - February 24, 2020 (The Second Day - Genesis 1:6-8)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 24 February 2020 09:20
James 3:11 - Does a spring bring forth from the same opening both sweet and
bitter water?

Part 1 ~ Keep Your Tongue From Evil

It seems that few people understand how terrible it is to speak ill of
others. There are so many reasons used to give justification to why someone
should be spoken of in an negative way; but it is always nothing less than
evil. A large majority of saints have been defiled by their tongues, and
having never realized the evil they participated in, did not repent; and,
therefore, they remain unclean until this day. Just as a fire destroys
things, the tongue commits acts of murder and destruction -even when the
supposed most "honest and caring news" has been told about another person;
and even worse, when there is outright slander. But the person attempting
to justify themselves will say, "I know they did this or that; I heard it
with my own ears." Has it been proved in the court of justice? Has God
weighed in, passed judgment, and condemned them? (Romans 8:33; 1
Corinthians 4:5). If not, you are guilty of high treason against the
Almighty, Who hates the one who sows discord among the brethren (Proverbs

James describes the unredeemed tongue that is not submitted to God as a
world of unrighteousness. He makes it the sum total of all unrighteousness;
as though it were the root cause of everything wicked. This kind of
description by itself should cause us to realize how important this issue
is, so that not a single saint should ever give their tongue to speaking
evil and their lips to speaking guile (Psalms 34:11-16; 1 Peter 2:1,
3:8-12). All backbiting, slander, evil speaking, and whispering should be
treated for what they really are: a destructive power of iniquity which
consumes all who are touched by it in a flame that burns forever (James
3:5-6). Such words will never come from a person who is led by the Spirit
and who is walking in righteousness (Romans 8:14; Galatians 5:16, 25; 1
John 2:6; 3:4-10). Rather, the ungodly concocts evil; and in his lips is a
burning fire (Proverbs 16:27). When a person speaks such things, they are
under the influence of hell (or of demon spirits), and it is these unclean
spirits that defile both the speaker and those who listen (Hebrews 12:15).
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