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Daily Bread - June 12, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 12 June 2017 10:52
Exodus 15:11 - Who is like You, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like You,
majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?

The Almighty God is unique and distinctive from all other things, dwelling
in a realm which is separated from everything unlike Himself, and in this
His holiness is defined (Exodus 15:11; 1 Samuel 2:2). It is not possible
for anyone to approach unto this holiness; but even though man cannot come
to Him, the Lord in His mercy comes to them (man, both male and female),
that they may be made holy by His presence (Exodus 19:23, 20:18-20, 24:8,
25:8, 26:33, 28:36; Deuteronomy 33:2-3; 1 Timothy 6:16). It is in the
tabernacle of holiness that God will meet with man (Exodus 25:22, 29:42,
30:6, 36).

Through the New Covenant, God has made us holy and imparted His life and
Spirit into us, making us His dwelling place (Luke 1:74-75; Ephesians 4:24;
John 3:6; Romans 8:9; 1 Thessalonians 5:23; 1 Corinthians 6:19; Hebrews
8:10; 10:16). He commands us that we be holy, even as He is Holy (1 Peter
1:15; 2 Peter 3:11; Ephesians 1:4; 5:27; Colossians 1:22).
Daily Bread - June 10, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Saturday, 10 June 2017 11:34
Romans 10:8 - But what does it say? The Word is near you, in your mouth,
and even in your heart; this is that word of faith that is proclaimed.

God's people have the power that framed the universe poised and ready to
accomplish great things. All we must do is believe in our hearts, and
confess with our mouths; and we will begin to participate with God's
miracle. Out of this realm of the Spirit comes forth the miracle of
miracles -the presence of Jesus, and the salvation that He brings. When
Jesus came into our hearts, the miracle power of the word of faith was
established there. The Spirit of the Living God wrote His words of faith
upon our hearts and minds. As we speak His words of faith by the Spirit,
all the miracles of His will begin to take shape.

When we hear the Word of God, we are hearing the faith of God. This
testimony of faith was first announced at Sinai. All of Israel audibly
heard the words of the Almighty at that first Pentecost in the wilderness
(Exodus 19-20). The Word of God was revealed as the mountain shook with His
presence, and the earth was filled with the sound of His voice declaring
His Word. They knew first hand that God had spoken, and not man. All they
needed to do was to simply agree with what God had said, and all of the
blessings that He had promised would have been theirs (Deuteronomy 30:1-14,
6:6-9; Exodus 13:16).

Today, the Word of God is present in our hearts and in our mouths, if we
have been transformed by the Word of God. All we need to do is to speak out
those things that the Word of God proclaimed, and the blessings of
salvation will be revealed in our lives. It was the word of faith that
created the vast expanse of the Universe; it was the word of faith that
brought forth our salvation; and it is the word of faith that will cause us
to possess all those righteous things which God has promised (Psalms 33:6;
Hebrews 11:3).

Too many of God's people speak things that have nothing to do with the Word
of God. They agree with disappointment, and speak out a future of failure
and demise. We must learn to speak only those things that God has said, and
not agree with our adversary and the disappointing circumstances that we
may find ourselves in. We live our lives much too earthly; and so when
things are going good, we are happy and speaking words of life; and when
things go bad, we are sad, and begin to declare reproachful things. God
desires to turn all the bad around and fill you with a sound of continual

So, keep your tongue from evil, and do not allow your lips to speak out
words of doubt and disappointment; depart from evil and pursue His peace (1
Peter 3:10; Psalms 34:13). Let us only speak the truth the Word of God, and
say with the men of faith and wisdom: "All of the words of my mouth are in
righteousness; there is nothing arrogant or perverse in them" (Proverbs

God is a God of faith; and without faith, we cannot please Him (Hebrews
11:6). There is no good thing that He will withhold from those who walk
upright; so be in expectation that all that God has promised will be
fulfilled in you (Psalms 84:11; Proverbs 28:10). Do not faint, neither grow
weary (Isaiah 40:30-31; Galatians 6:9). Rather, let the words of your mouth
and the meditations of your heart be acceptable in the sight of your
Strength and Redeemer (Psalms 19:14). It is by our words that we are
condemned, or justified; therefore, we must be careful to only speak the
words of truth, the words of faith (Matthew 12:37; Proverbs 13:3, 18:21).
Our confession must be what we truly believe; and for those born of the
Spirit, we believe the truth as it is revealed by God, not by circumstance!
Daily Bread - June 9, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Friday, 09 June 2017 10:26
Galatians 5:6 - For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision, nor
uncircumcision matters; but faith working through love.

Faith works through love because it is only through our love relationship
with the Father that we are enabled to walk in this glorious salvation. If
we love him, we will do what He has asked us to do; and we will find a love
relationship that will result in union with God (John 14:15, 21, 15:10). We
discover that in the bond of this love relationship with God, we will ask
whatever we want, and God will do it for us (John 14:13-14; 1 John 3:22)
-just as the centurion asked Jesus, and the love that was in the asking
resulted in his servant being healed. Never was this faith that works by
love more beautifully expressed as when the woman kissed and washed Jesus'
feet with her tears, which then resulted in His gracious words: "your faith
has saved you" (Luke 7:36-50).

From the beginning of God's communication with man, He has called out to
mankind for his love (Deuteronomy 6:4-5). He created Adam to walk with Him
in this love, but Adam refused (Ephesians 1:4). Enoch was willing to walk
with God in this love relationship. As a result, he was taken into heaven
and has been there with the Father for about 5000 years (Hebrews 11:5). You
will never find God outside the realm of love, for love is the presiding
force and motive of everything He is and does (1 John 4:7-8). In this
interaction of love and adoration, you will find that the power, the
strength, and the glory of faith will overflow with its rich supply to your
every need (2 Corinthians 9:8; Philippians 4:19; Mark 12:29-30; Matthew
Daily Bread - June 8, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Thursday, 08 June 2017 08:24
1 Peter 1:15 - But according to His holy calling, you shall also be holy in
every behavior.

Holiness is our whole way of life in God. Our hearts have been united with
the heart of God through the miracle of the new birth. This is not holiness
by the law or by human efforts, but true holiness that has come to us by
the Holy Spirit. Holiness is the fire of God that fell upon the acceptable
sacrifice of a new creation by the spirit of holiness -the Holy Spirit.
Holiness is the nature of God, the Spirit of Christ, and the proof of
sonship (Romans 1:4; 8:14, 16; Galatians 4:6; 5:16, 25).

The Heavenly Father is the God Who has always answered by fire (1 Kings
18:24; Leviticus 9:24; Deuteronomy 4:24; Matthew 3:11; Hebrews 12:29). His
presence and His glory is as a consuming fire (Deuteronomy 4:33; 5:24, 26;
9:10; 18:16). When an offering was holy and acceptable to Him, He caused
His fire to fall upon it, and it was consumed with His presence. The fire
of God never fell upon an offering that was unclean, or in anyway
unacceptable. When the fire of God fell on any person who was not
acceptable to God, they were destroyed (Leviticus 10:1-3; Numbers 16:35-38;
2 Kings 1:9-10).

Through the blood of Jesus we were washed from all our uncleanness, and
made an offering acceptable unto God. The Spirit of Holiness fell upon us
and brought forth a new creation. The new creation becomes the holy
offering that can instantly and continually be baptized in the Holy Ghost
and fire through the ministry of Jesus.
Daily Bread - June 7, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Wednesday, 07 June 2017 09:39
1 Corinthians 3:15 - If anyone's work shall be burned up, he will suffer
loss; but he will be saved from death, but as it were by fire.

The fire of God is seen throughout the Bible as part of the glory cloud
that surrounds God (Deuteronomy 4:24, 33, 5:24-26, 9:3,10, 18:16; Exodus
13:21-22, 14:24; Numbers 9:15; Ezekiel 1:4; Psalm 50:3; Revelation 4:5). It
is in this fire of His glory and presence that we have been baptized by
Jesus, and are commanded to remain and continually be filled with those
things that belong to God.

Every offering in the Old Covenant that was acceptable to God was presented
in the fire. The fire either fell on it from God, or fire was taken off of
the altar of God. The fire of God consumed it from off the altar, and
transferred it from the earthly into the heavenly (Leviticus 9:24; 1 Kings
18:24; 1 Chronicles 21:26; Romans 12:1; Joshua 13:14).

In the fire of God, no earthly thing can remain. Every false work and every
earthly work likened unto wood, stubble, or hay will be burned up. Only
those things that are of the nature and character of God, which last
forever, can remain in the fire of God. Those things like faith -that is
likened unto pure gold-remain, and are perfected in the midst of the fire
of God's presence (1 Peter 1:7).

If you will let the fire of God fall on you, every false work will be
burned up; and you will begin to participate in those things that have an
eternal reward (Matthew 3:11; Luke 3:16; Acts 2:3; 1 Corinthians 3:12-15).
God the Holy Spirit is calling out to you to purchase for yourself a life
of purity and truth that is likened unto gold on fire in the fire - so that
your spiritual garments may be spotless and clean (Revelation 3:18, 19:8;
Isaiah 24:15).
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