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Daily Bread - April 18, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Tuesday, 18 April 2017 09:00
1 John 2:27-28 - And the anointing that you have received from Him abides
in you, and you do not need that anyone teach you; but just as the
anointing teaches you about everything, and is no lie, and just as it has
taught you, you shall abide in Him. And now little children, abide in Him;
so that when he shall appear, you will have confidence, and not be ashamed
before Him at His coming.

The Anointing and Abiding in Him - Part 1

We have received an amazing anointing (chrisma) from God. We have received
the Holy Spirit to be trained in all the ways of God. We have been anointed
with the Holy Ghost to be sons of God (John 1:12; 1 John 3:1; Romans 8:14;
Galatians 4:6-7; Philippians 2:15) Because of the indwelling of God, we
overcome the wicked one and all of his deceivers (1 John 4:1-3). When God
gave us an anointing, He imparted the divine ability to accomplish the task
and meet the demands of the office to which we have been called, just as He
did when He anointed a priest, prophet, or king (Exodus 28:41, 29:7;
Leviticus 8:12; Psalms 133:2; 1 Samuel 10:1, 16:13; 2 Samuel 2:4, 5:3; 1
Samuel 26:11; Psalms 2:2; 1 Kings 19:16; 2 Peter 1:3-4).

Fundamental to the New Testament is the essential need for us to believe
that when we were born of God, the very Spirit and nature of Christ was
born in us (Colossians 1:27; 1 John 3:24; 1 John 4:4, 15; Ephesians 4:24; 1
Peter 1:23; John 3:5). Thus, the cry of the Spirit through John: Abide in
Christ Jesus! In that we know it is the Holy Spirit who has come to teach
us and that His Spirit is on the inside of us to give us the divine ability
to live the life of Christ, then we must also recognize that the anointing
also refers to the Holy Spirit as well.

The word 'Christ' (Christos) comes from the word 'anoint' (chiro), from
whence 'anointing' (chrisma) is derived. Thus, when we use the word
'Christ', we are talking about the 'Anointed One'. In the book of Daniel
(Daniel 9:26), it is this word that is used in the Septuagint to translated
'Messiah' (meshiyach), "And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah
(chrisma) be cut off, but not for himself" (Cambridge Paragraph Bible).
Today, those who have been transformed by the power of God through the
faith that is in Christ Jesus have received the anointing of the Anointed
One. We have not received the anointing of a priest, or king, or prophet;
but rather, the anointing of the Son! And it is God who has anointed us and
established us together in Christ (2 Corinthians 1:21-22).

When the anointing was given to Saul by the Holy Spirit, his heart was
changed, and he became another man with new skills and abilities. When we
received the anointing of sonship, the Spirit of God came upon us and made
us a new creation, giving us a new heart and a new spirit and making us
partakers of God's divine nature (Ezekiel 36:26-27; 2 Peter 1:3-4). He gave
us a heart and a spirit that is joined unto His, and made us one heart and
one spirit with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17; John 17:21-22; 1 Corinthians
12:13). The anointing that we have received from Him has empowered us to be
conformed to the image of the Son (Romans 8:29; 2 Corinthians 3:18). It has
empowered us to walk even as He walks and to represent Christ Jesus in
every way (1 John 2:5-6, 29).
Daily Bread - April 17, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 17 April 2017 15:56
1 John 2:25-26 - And this is the promise that He has promised us, eternal
I write this to you concerning those who deceive you.

John uses the Greek word 'planao' to describe that which threatens to
corrupt the minds of men and draw them away from the simplicity of the
gospel. It may be translated: deceive, seduce, or cause to wonder. These
deceivers believed they had fellowship with God even though they walked in
darkness, denying Jesus by believing and speaking lies. Denying Jesus goes
beyond the recognition of a historical person. Denying Jesus is also
observed in denying that He purchased our salvation and brought to pass a
real change in our lives. Many say that they believe in Him, but do not
believe that He changed their nature and made them a new creation -thus
they deny the Lord who bought them (2 Peter 2:1). The doctrines propagated
by Satan that attempt to nullify the miracle of salvation had already begun
to affect those in the church during the days of John.
Daily Bread - April 15, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 17 April 2017 15:37
1 John 2:24 - What you have heard from the beginning, let it remain in you.
If what you heard from beginning remains in you, then you shall remain in
the Son and in the Father.

If we will not let ourselves be corrupted by the many ideas and
philosophies that men try to build around the simplicity of the gospel,
then we will continue to believe the message that was delivered at the
beginning when Christ Jesus first spoke (2 Corinthians 11:3; Colossians
2:7-9; 1Timothy 6:20-21). The simplicity of the gospel revealed that we are
in Christ Jesus, and He is in us (John 17:20-23). We are to dwell in Christ
Jesus, who has brought forth a new life, His life, in everyone who has
believed (John 10:10; 1 John 5:11-12; Romans 6:4; Galatians 2:20; 2
Corinthians 5:17). The faith is that simple, and we are to live as He
lived, and walk as He walked. The chief theme of John's message is to
"abide in Christ Jesus" (John 15:4-7; 1 John 1:1-7, 2:5-6, 24-29, 3:1-10,
4:13-17, 5:11-12, 20)
Daily Bread - April 14, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Friday, 14 April 2017 07:24
1 John 2:23 - All that deny the Son, do not have the Father; he who
confesses the Son, also has the Father.

Confessing the Son - Part 2

Many would hope to eliminate a distinction between the Father, the Son, and
the Holy Spirit. Obviously, from a Jewish prospective the Trinity would be
a hard revelation to fully embrace. The heart of the Jewish belief is:
"Hear, oh Israel: Yehoah, your Elohim, Yehoah is one" (Deuteronomy 6:4).
However, this does not eliminate the revelation that God (Elohim) was
revealed in the plural form and manifested as three distinct individuals
even throughout the Old Testament, albeit in a somewhat veiled manner. The
plurality of the monotheistic Elohim is first observed in Genesis 1:26,
"And God said, "Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness", and
again in Genesis 3:22, "Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know
good and evil." The argument may continue with the distinction made between
Yehoah God and the Spirit of God in Genesis Chapter 1. Also, three
individual persons are witnessed with the visitation of those three who
came to see Abraham in the plain of Mamre when Yehoah appeared to Abraham
-certainly not a coincidence (Genesis 18:2).

Although there are many more examples, let us conclude with the scripture
that Jesus quoted to the Pharisees who were being challenged by the concept
of Jesus being the Son of Yehoah, as well as having always existed with
him: "The Lord said to my Lord, sit on my right hand until I make your
enemies your footstool" (Matthew 22:43-45; Mark 12:35-37; Luke 20:42-44)
This passage is quoted from Psalms 110:1, which literally reads, "Yehoah
said to Adonie (my Lord), sit on my right hand..." The question that the
Pharisees were unable to answer still remains a puzzle to many today: If
David called the Christ his Lord, how then is he his son? Let us believe
the Word of God: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God;
and the Word was God... and the Word was made flesh" (John 1:2, 14a).
Daily Bread - April 13, 2017
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Thursday, 13 April 2017 16:36
1 John 2:23 - All that deny the Son, do not have the Father; he who
confesses the Son, also has the Father.

Confessing the Son - Part 1

It is impossible to have a relationship with the Father unless one is
willing to have a relationship with His Son, Christ Jesus (John 5:23;
Matthew 10:32-33; 1 John 5:12; 2 John 9). The reason being is that the
Father redeemed humanity through His Son. It does not matter who you are,
whether Jew or Gentile, there is no way to the Father but through the Son
(Acts 4:12; John 6:45, 14:6).

During the first covenant, God provided a means to approach Him through the
sacrifices prescribed in the Law (Leviticus 1:3; Hebrews 10:1, 8:5, 9:9,
11, 23). All of these sacrifices spoke of the coming Redeemer, who would
deliver mankind from the rebellion of Adam and slavery to a fallen nature
(Romans 5:6; Hebrews 10:16; Ephesians 4:24; 2 Peter 1:4). Today, all that
was declared in the Law has been fulfilled through Jesus Christ (Luke
24:44; Matthew 5:17; John 5:39). God's promise is with His Son; and His
people are those who call upon the Name of Jesus (1 Corinthians 12:13;
Ephesians 2:15).

Confess the Son and live in Father's fulfilled promise!
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