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Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Sunday, 24 January 2010 16:37
Hebrews 11:1 - Now faith is the reality of things expected; the proof of
what is not seen.

What is reality to you? Most people live their lives on the logical
predictions that they forecast for themselves. For example: we predict
our budgets based upon what money we make, and then we predict what we
can and cannot do based upon that budget; which of course is all very
sensible and rational. But there is a reality that is superior to the
one in which we forecast our present and future events, and that is the
reality of God's promises: the word of God and the promises of God
produce faith. Fundamentally, God's promises produce a good hope or
expectation of the future. The Spirit of the Lord takes that hope and
expectation into the realm of divine power, and provides faith. We may
trust in God to work on our behalf; but faith allows us to participate
with God in the miracle.

The Greek word 'hypostasis' ("reality,"sometimes translated "substance")
was a word used exclusively in science in ancient Greece. The word
expressed the hidden reality behind an observable phenomenon
(Theological dictionary of the New Testament). Now it is faith that
makes our expectations in God a reality! Many want to make faith a set
of philosophical beliefs or religious opinions, but it was not Daniel's
opinion's that delivered him from the lion's mouth. It was not the
philosophical beliefs that caused Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah to be
untouched by the flames that engulfed them (Daniel 3:20-30). Noah was
warned by God of unseen things; and because he obeyed the word of God
even though it was foolishness to men, he and his house were saved.
Abraham believed the promises of God and moved in obedience, and stepped
into a great inheritance. When we believe God and act in obedience to
His word, He will reward us with the promises that He has made. God has
promised to bless and prosper us, but we must move in accordance with
His word. He has promised to do exceedingly above all that we can think
or ask; but we must believe that it is true, and obey!

Faith brings into reality those things that God's word has led us to
expect. Faith also demonstrates that which cannot be seen. Even as the
worlds were made from unseen things, faith that comes by hearing the
word of God demonstrated those things, which are not under the control
of man. Recently, there was a evangelistic crusade in the nation of
Nepal. Everyone said that it was impossible to rent the National
Stadium, which was the icon for the Kingdom of Hinduism. Yet, knowing
the promises of God faith not only brought to pass that impossible event
that resulted in thousands of salvations, but the church in the nation
began to experience unprecedented growth. After that crusade when a
great missionary organization took their cameras to Nepal to document a
church planting work by a young preacher, who was impacted by that
crusade, a storm began to come up that would have disrupted the
meetings. The young preacher commanded the wind and the storm to cease;
and immediately the wind stopped and the storm dissipated. The young
preacher turned to the camera and said, something like, "God has taught
us to believe for the impossible." Now faith is the reality!
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