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Daily Bread - March 9, 2018
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Friday, 09 March 2018 08:03
Mark 11:22 - And Jesus answered them, "Have God's faith."

It is quite fascinating how few Biblical scholars are willing to step
forward and admit how this Greek phrase should be translated, "have God's
faith," or "have the faith of God," or "...literally, have the faith of
God" (The Pulpit Commentary). The noun is in the genitive case, and the
verb 'to have' is in the imperative.

There cannot be a more important topic than faith. I have heard how some
people believe miracles ended with the book of Acts. Well, if miracles
ended with the book of Acts, then there are no more salvations; for the
salvation of a single person is the most wonderful miracle known to man!
Now, all miracles depend on the divine work of faith. Jesus is not
interested in us having the kind of faith you read about in a dictionary.
He is not interested in us having the kind of faith that refers to various
religious and philosophical beliefs. Jesus desires we have the faith of
God. God's faith speaks to the absolutely impossible and watches it take
place. God's faith moves beyond every doubt and notion of fear. God's faith
will not be afraid of what others might think (Romans 4:16-18; Galatians
5:6; 1 John 4:16-18).

Jesus informed the disciples that what he had done, they would also do
(Matthew 21:21; John 14:12). He had commanded the fig tree to dry up, and
it did. What Jesus said to them, He said to the Church for all time. Did He
give the disciples something that did not belong to everyone else who would
believe? Absolutely not! What Jesus supplied to those first few men which
He trained, He poured out upon the whole Church by the Holy Spirit (Acts
1:8, 2:17-18, 39; Ephesians 1:22-23, 4:11-13; 2 Corinthians 12:7, 27-28;
Jude 20). At some point, you and I must stand up and begin to curse the fig
trees of unfruitfulness and speak to the mountains of impossibility. At
some point, we must boldly proclaim these words of life and be willing to
demonstrate the power of God that is present in our lives. Too many people
cower in fear, waiting for someone else to do what Jesus commands us to do.
Or, they are waiting for another day when they receive some special
anointing. Saints, I tell you, if you have been baptized in the Holy
Spirit, then you have the One Who works the faith of God right there with
you right now (Galatians 2:20; John 14:15-23, 17:16-23). All you have to do
is be willing to open your mouth and take the risk. The disciples were
amazed at Jesus' faith; and He was equally amazed at their lack of it (Luke
8:25; Matthew 17:17).

Jesus was absolute about His position regarding our faith. We find this
statement delivered to us as an imperative. Jesus demanded them then, and
us today, to have God's faith -a faith defined and exemplified by what
Jesus did when He commanded the fig tree to die. If we are going to walk in
faith, then we must start moving. We must recognize that faith has a
belief. Faith has a commitment, faith has a faithfulness, faith has a
fight, faith works by love, faith is not dependent upon what is seen and
heard in the realms of men. Faith calls those things which are not as
though they were. Faith depends solely on what God has said. Faith is bold
and will say what God has said. Faith is tested. Faith is strengthened.
Faith is perfected. Faith will increase so that one may be full of faith
(Hebrews 11:1-12:2).

Have God's faith, and let it begin right now! (Hebrews 3:7-8; Jude 20-25)
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