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Daily Bread - June 11, 2018
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 11 June 2018 05:41
1 Peter 1:15-16 - But as he which hath called you is holy, so be ye holy in
all manner of conversation; Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am

Without Holiness No Man Shall See God (Part 1):

The first thing that God did so that He could dwell in their midst was to
make the people of Israel holy. When God makes something holy, it is
absolutely dedicated to the sphere of the sacred. God brings fallen men
into His presence by destroying the wickedness attached to them. God does
this by providing a sacrifice that is empowered to atone for the sin that
separates men from Him. The blood of the sacrifice that God ordains is
vested with the power to satisfy the debt of death that sin incurred. It
stands as a token that the wages of sin was paid so that the worshiper may
interact with God. As a result, the worshipper would be released from his
sin and the sphere of death and enter into the realm of the sacred.

The power of the blood offering was witnessed in the lamb that was slain on
the night that God delivered Israel from Egypt. By the offering of the
Passover lamb, the firstborn was ransomed and became God's possession. The
firstborn was delivered from death, and all of the household reaped the
benefits of the sanctifying offering of the lamb. Consequentially, the
whole household was delivered from the bondage of Egypt. Through the
sacrificial offering, they were joined unto the Lord and brought into the
sphere of His holiness (Exodus 12:16, 15:13, 19:6, 22:31, 31:13, 20:26,
22:31). They were transferred from the bondage of Egypt into the realms of
God's presence to be a holy people unto the Lord. When God delivered them
and brought them unto Himself, He made an absolute distinction between them
and the rest of the world with the cloud of His presence. They were
separated from the rest of the world by the fire of God's presence.
Afterwards, they were all baptized in the Red Sea and then brought to the
tent of meeting at Sinai.

We must recognize that the holiness that God gives as a gift to those who
enter into the covenant relationship that He provides demands the act of
consecration on the part of all those who receive His grace. When something
is consecrated to the Lord, it is set apart strictly for the purpose of
interacting with the holiness of God. Moses was assigned to instruct the
people of God to sanctify the firstborn, the people of Israel, the
mountain, the priest, and certain parts of the sacrifices (Exodus 13:2,
19:10, 14, 22-23, 28:41). When Moses and the people responded in obedience
to God and sanctified that which the Lord had commanded, then God also
participated in making all of these things holy by interacting with them
and receiving them into His presence. Afterwards, all these things that
were sanctified were to be reverenced and remain consecrated to the Lord.

Be Holy,

Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
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