Daily Bread - November 3, 2018
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 05 November 2018 07:24
Ephesians 4:26-27 - Be angry and sin not -let not the sun go down on your
anger, and give no place to the devil.

God wants us to have great boldness in the faith and authority in the
Spirit. If we give Satan any advantage, it will impact our confidence
towards God, and affect our boldness and authority in Christ (1 John 2:28,
3:19-21). If Satan is given the slightest opportunity, He will take
advantage of us in every way he can (2 Corinthians 2:11). To help clarify
the point, one accurate way to translate this verse is: "Do not give the
accuser any standing room." Satan can gain an advantage to condemn us if we
give place to sin. Whether it is relationship issues, anger, corrupt
communication, bitterness, wrath, rage, arguments, slander, or malice
-Satan will use whatever open door we give him to attempt to kill, steal,
and destroy (Ephesians 4:25-31; John 10:10). All these things are
opportunities for Satan to condemn us and bring reproach to our
relationship with the Lord Jesus.

Furthermore, all sin grieves the Holy Spirit; and the last thing that we
want to do is to offend our Teacher, Mentor, and the Lover of our souls!
There is immeasurable forgiveness with God if we sin, but something bigger
is at stake -our effectiveness in the Kingdom. We must recognize we have
been given a divine opportunity to be trained in the conduct and authority
of Christ; we cannot allow Satan to interfere. We are of the household of
God and His representatives on the Earth. We are called to greatness as
those who represent the King, Christ Jesus. The Holy Spirit empowers us to
do the works of Jesus, and in every way invade the territory of Satan -to
destroy his strongholds and render his works powerless. We have been called
by God to cast out devils and run Satan and his demonic powers off wherever
we find them. Let us walk in the authority we have been given so that all
the wonderful things of Heaven may be displayed through our lives. Satan
looks for ways to neutralize the impact God has ordained for us to have, so
we cannot afford to be ignorant of his devices.

Awake to righteousness, and don't sin; but rather be endued with the life
of Christ Jesus making no provision for the flesh or vain and deceitful
philosophy after the elementary principles of this world! (1 Corinthians
15:33-34; Romans 13:14, Colossians 2:6-10)
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