Daily Bread - August 2, 2019 (The Sixth Day - Genesis 1:24-31)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Friday, 02 August 2019 09:09
1 John 3:16 - By this we have known the love of God: because He laid down
His soul for us, and we are indebted to lay down our soul for the brethren.

Some translations do not include the word "God" in the first phrase because
the text(s) that they used omitted it. We included the word "God" because
it was also included in Scrivener's Textus Receptus (1894). "God" is not
found in the family of the Byzantine text form.

The Greek word for "soul" is 'psuche' (ψυχή), which is used here. Of the
105 times that 'psuche' occurs in the New Testament, the KJV translated it
as "soul" 58 times and "life" 40 times. It is the only word in the Greek
language for "soul," whereas there are at least three words that may be
translated as "life." In this translation, we have opted to be consistent
with the primary meaning of a word if possible. Therefore, 'psuche' should
be translated as "soul." The soul represents the whole life of a person,
whether it's the Hebrew 'nephesh' ( פֶשׁ נ (ֶor the Greek 'psuche.' The
most important point being made is to underscore that the usage of soul is
most often applied in both the Hebrew and Greek language to speak of one's
whole being, and not of a particular dimension of one's life.

If Jesus gave His whole being for us, then it is our duty to give our whole
being for each other. Such a commitment to the love of God will do away
with all of the broken relationships and bickering among the household of
God. This is the kind of love God has called us to, and the one new
commandment Jesus gave: to love one another as He has loved us (John 13:34,
15:12). I have watched as so many people have emphasized many different
things, forgetting all of the time they were violating the most important
thing and their most important responsibility: to lay down their lives.
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