Daily Bread - September 9, 2019 (The Second Day - Genesis 1:6-8)
Written by Pastor Mark Spitsbergen
Monday, 09 September 2019 13:26
1 John 4:7-8 - Beloved, let us love one another, because he that loves is
from God, and everyone that loves is begotten of God and knows God. He that
does not love, does not know God, for God is love.

Part 1 ~ Evidence Of Knowing God: The Love Of God

The most important expression and evidence of the new birth is the love of
God. This kind of love is perfectly defined by the life of Jesus, Who loved
us so much He laid down His life that we might live. God's love, by
definition, is a holy love; one that is giving and unselfish, and was
revealed to all mankind when God so loved the world He gave His only
begotten Son (John 3). This holy love fulfills all of the law and purpose
of God for man in that it works no wrong-doing (Romans 13:10; 1 Corinthians
13:4-8). This is a protective love that would do everything to rescue a
soul from sin, and do whatever necessary to keep them from sin and its
dreadful fate.
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