Nepal 2011

Our Mission:

nepal-3In the summer of 2011, a group of college students from Abiding Place Ministries will be traveling to Kathmandu, Nepal. As a team, we will be visiting orphanages consisting of 95 children, churches, and elderly homes. The orphans in Nepal are in need of spiritual help as well as physical help.  Our team of 10 will be helping by washing clothes for the orphans, cooking meals, taking them out into the city for various activities, and showing them the love of Christ.  Along with these things, we want to provide the orphanages with a hot water heater, which they are currently lacking, along with a bus and a freezer.  We will also be ministering to three different churches in Kathmandu, and will be preparing them to be able to reach the lost in their communities. We will minister in elderly homes, and help the needy in any and every way possible.  Our primary goal is to make a difference in every life we encounter and show them the love of Jesus Christ.

The team's goal is to raise $40,000, which will cover all expenses for the team of 10 members and fund a water heater and freezer for the orphans. All additional funds will go towards the purchase of a bus which is also needed at the orphanage.

What You Can Do:

nepal-10Traveling across the world costs money.

We are asking that you participate with us by investing in the well-being of thousands of people, and more importantly into the kingdom of God.

By partnering with us in finances, you will receive the same reward for our endeavors as we receive. You will be part of reaching every single soul that is won for the kingdom of God. You will be influential in bringing encouragement and aid to the Third World Church in Nepal, and God Himself will reward you for your sacrifice on their behalf.

No matter how small you think your donation is, you will still be a part of everything we accomplish on this mission.

“Those who turn many to righteousness [shall shine] like the stars forever and ever.” - Daniel 12:3

Missions Trip to Nepal

Our Goal for our 2011 Trip
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