The New Testament : Translation in the Oldest Tradition: The Traditional Text.

About the TOT:

We most certainly believe that the New Testament is the exact words of God delivered to us by God through His servants the apostles. The Word of God carries the highest importance and value for each one of us, as it is by the Word that we will be judged. Certainly, the Almighty God Who gave His Word to us has also watched over it to preserve its accuracy. The Greek and Aramaic New Testament have also been watched over and maintained by scribes who have valued it as the sacred and exact Word of God since the Apostle John presented it to the church.

Those who have worked to prepare the “Translation in the Oldest Tradition” have relied on those text types and translations that have been the most dominant in the church of Jesus Christ over the past 2,000 years. Most modern translations of the Bible rely heavily on a minority text type called the Alexandrian Text Type. This is one of the main differences of this translation: we completely ignore the Alexandrian Text Type and instead rely on all of those text types and translations into the English Language that were derived from the Byzantine Text Type, the Textus Receptus, and the Peshitta. The Byzantine and Peshitta texts are unique in that both have competing claims to the Priority Theory in which their respective text types best replicate the autograph (original). The Alexandrian Text Type however, was not given much value by the church until 1859.

Most modern-day translations not only give a priority to the Alexandrian Text Type, but also tend toward a thought-to-thought translation. We contend that the Greek New Testament can be accurately translated in an easy-to-understand word-for-word translation. We believe it is essential to know exactly what God has said and required of us. It is based on this certainty that we have worked since 2003 to provide this translation of the New Testament. In addition to all of the many resources made available to us, we also relied on every resource provided by Logos software.

Archived Translations & Commentary

The following is an older collection of assorted books in the Bible translated by Dr. Mark Spitsbergen. The New Testament has since been updated and are available all together here on Amazon. Some of the translations below are complete books of the Bible, others are works in progress and some have commentary as well.

Old Testament
New Testament