Daily Bread 1/2/2023


Daily Bread – January 2, 2023 (The Second Day – Genesis 1:6-8) Isaiah 43:19 – Behold, I make all things new! Now it will spring up, shall you not know it? Surely, I open a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert. God Is Doing A New Thing The greatest enemy of the new things is old things. Unfortunately, the enemy of our past is constantly attempting to impose itself on us. But, we must recognize that to move forward, we have to leave the past behind; we must find a way to cut it off from our present. In this passage of Scripture, Isaiah is talking to a rebellious people who have refused to obey God. They all attended Church, but refused to walk out a life of obedience. Their past responses to God were a miserable disaster. Yet, the Lord planned a future for them that would bring them into a greater glory than when He led them out of Egypt. To do this, He would win the hearts of His people – with greater miracles than He had done when he parted the sea, and destroyed their enemies who attempted to hold them back from walking with Him. God desired to bring His people into such a glorious miracle of His grace and provision they would not remember the former things, because the new things would be so much greater. Even though Israel was already dispersed and Judah was heading into a captivity, God was planning out their return. He was making a way where there was no way, and providing a hope where there was no hope. He was willing to let go of all of their past transgressions so He could plan out a brand new day and a glorious future. We must realize that it is easy for God to forgive us, but it is hard for us to forgive ourselves. However, until we will forgive ourselves (as well as others) and let go of the past, we cannot move on into the future God has planned for us. God is doing a new thing right now – it is springing up! But we must be willing to lift up our hands that hang down, and realize God has brought to pass a brand new day (Hebrews 12:12-13; Isaiah 35:3-10). We must be willing to allow the failures and disappointments of the past to no longer guide our decisions and expectations. Rather, in confidence towards God, we must begin anew as though this is the first day we believed. The confidence and the expectation of the promises of God must be allowed to become the excitement and anticipation of our hearts once again. Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen