Daily Bread 11/18/2023


Daily Bread – November 18, 2023 (The Seventh Day – Genesis 2:1-3) Mark 1:41 – And Jesus, moved with compassion, reached out with His hand, touched Him, and said, “I will. Be made clean.” One touch of Jesus and the disease will depart from your body. The faith of an unworthy and unclean man met the compassion and purity of Jesus, and healing took place. The leper who came to Jesus had no right to approach the Master. It was forbidden in the law for a leper to come near anyone. There were many reasons why he could have believed it was not God’s will he be healed. Yet, there was something about Jesus causing the man to be bold and confident, and to move past all of the restrictions of the law. He could have easily felt unworthy and remained a prisoner of his circumstances and disease. Instead, he had a great confidence in Jesus that moved him past all his fears. He was able to look beyond his state of uncleanness, and see the One Who had come to cleanse, and heal, and set men free. He had seen just enough of Jesus to realize He was the Master and the Savior Who had authority over the things that tormented men. The leper heard the message of Jesus and believed He was the Healer of his body and the Savior of his soul. He knew Jesus could easily move past all of the restrictions and destroy the disease that had consumed his life – if He was willing. Jesus did not recoil at the hideous site of the leper, but instead, He was moved with compassion and touched him with His hand saying, “I am willing. Be made clean.” It was not possible for disease to have dominion over Jesus or affect Him in any way, for Jesus is the conqueror and the destroyer of sin, sickness, and disease. It was the message He preached, the Gospel of the Kingdom He proclaimed – all who were sick, diseased, and tormented would be set free if they would believe. The Deliver had stepped into the world and the life of God was flowing freely to all men. The life and power of God flowed from the presence of Jesus and His life destroyed all the works of death. The life was a light all men could see – for it was a light that destroyed the darkness for all who were willing to see. Where there was uncleanness, He brought purity and holiness. Where there was the disease of death and destruction, He willingly made everyone whole! Life has come to conquer death – and Jesus is that life. Some believe Jesus is different today, and somehow He is willing for us to remain in the evil clutch of our sickness, disease, and sin. But Jesus has not changed. His compassion and willingness to save is the same today as it was then. He moved then with a violent anger to destroy every power of the devil, and He remains steadfast in the same resolve today – all we must do is believe! Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen