Daily Bread 11/4/2023


Daily Bread – November 4, 2023 (The Seventh Day – Genesis 2:1-3) Isaiah 62:1 – For Zion’s sake, I will not be silent, and for the sake of Jerusalem, I will not be quiet until the brightness of her righteousness goes forth and her salvation as a burning torch. Israel was persistently unfaithful to God. Therefore, God dealt with her as a treacherous wife, but did not divorce her (Isaiah 54). Instead, He remains committed to bringing to pass the promises He made to Abraham and to His descendants forever. Equally, our Heavenly Father has made a promise to Jesus through Whose life we have been redeemed from every tribe and nation. There has been much unfaithfulness in the Church, which was created to shine with the splendor and glory of the fullness of Christ Jesus. Yet, God remains faithful to us and will not rest until the Church shines with the brightness of Christ Jesus. Like Israel, many today have left off being faithful to God in their morals and conduct. We, too, have drawn near to God with our praise, while our hearts were unfaithful to God. Somehow, we must return to God with all of our hearts and recognize how friendship with the world is an act of hostility against God (James 4:4). There must be the rebirth of a godly fear and a godly sorrow over sin. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God (Hebrews 10:31). We must become convinced, as Paul was, about the terror of the Lord, and not only persuade others, but we ourselves be impacted to the depths of our lives of how the wages of sin is death (2 Corinthians 5:11; Romans 6:23). The only way there is going to be a turning from the compromises back to a place of faithfulness is if the watchmen (the ministers of the Lord) will no longer hold their peace (Isaiah 62:6-12). The Lord is dedicated to our perfection, but what if those whom He has given for the perfection of the Church remain silent and do not show the people their sin and their transgression? How long will the leaders of the people continue to err and justify their evil doings. They divorce their wives, and say, “What have we done wrong?” They befriend the world and serve themselves, instead of serving God and His people. Surely God, Who is devoted to the perfection of His people and the glory of His Church, will not keep silent. Surely, He will chastise and plead with us as a Father pleads with a rebellious son. Our Salvation shines with the glory of His majesty, and all the heavenly host now worships Him. Yet, in the Earth, His Name has become a byword among the heathen. His Name is profaned by the continual transgressions of His people. Surely, Father will not keep silent until His glory shines bright in the midst of a sinful and perverse world. Who will come and stand on God’s side? Who will turn from the lust and excess of this world and follow Jesus? Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen