Daily Bread 12/15/2020


Matthew 5:5 – Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth (Psalms 37:11).

The Greek word for “meekness”, ‘praus’, is a synonym with the Greek word we translate “poor” (ptochos) in verse three. Both of these Greek words translate the Hebrew word ‘annav’, which may be translated ‘poor, humble, afflicted, meek.’ However, in secular Greek it is more associated with “kindness” and “gentleness”, and it is a word that would be translated as an opposite to that which is “harsh” and “rough”. Paul, on the other hand, makes a distinction between meekness (prautes) and gentleness (epieikeia) in 2 Corinthians 10:1. Furthermore, he contrasted the spirit of meekness to coming with a stick (1 Corinthians 4:21).

The most important definition of the Greek word for “meek” is found in the nature of Jesus Christ, Who was meek and humble. He invites all who are willing to come and learn the way of His servitude so they may find rest to their souls (Matthew 11:29). The state of meekness was also exemplified by Jesus, the King of Kings, coming to the people of Israel on the foal of a donkey (Matthew 21:5; Zechariah 9:9). There was no need for Jesus to force Himself on others, or make a big show of Himself. He was the One Who was willing to be numbered with the transgressors, and was happy to remain out of the fan fair – often telling those who had received a miracle not to tell anyone (Matthew 8:4, 16:20, 17:9; Mark 7:36, 8:30; Luke 8:56, 9:21). While it is true He would show Himself harsh with the arrogant, and if necessary take a whip and drive them from His Father’s House, the nature of Jesus was one of gentleness and meekness (John 2:15; Mark 11:14; Matthew 12:34, 23:33).

If we desire to find rest for our souls and enjoy all the wonderful things God has provided for us, then we must be willing to give ourselves to the nature of Jesus. The nature and character of God should be more important to us than all of the gifts and riches that could be desired. The meekness and gentleness of Christ Jesus will flow out of us like rivers of living water if we will simply yield to the Holy Spirit. If we will be willing to take on the disposition of His servitude, we will find all of the blessings that meekness affords. It is in this place where self interest no longer dominates, that the blessings of God are easily received, and all the riches God has provided for us become our inheritance – for the meek shall inherit the Earth. A meek and gentle spirit is key to being sensitive to the direction of God and yielding to the Holy Spirit.

Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen