Daily Bread 2/1/2023


    Daily Bread – February 1, 2023 (The Fourth Day – Genesis 1:14-19) Hebrews 10:22 – Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water. Full Assurance Of The Faith God wants us to have full assurance of the faith. The faith is that we have been washed and cleansed from all of our sins by the blood of Jesus Christ. The faith is that we have been made sons and daughters of the Most High by the Spirit of the Lord (John 1:12 3:5; 1 John 3:1; Galatians 4:6; Romans 8:14, 16) . The faith is that we can draw nigh and experience union and acceptance because of the gift of holiness and righteousness that has been given to us (2 Corinthians 5:17-21; Ephesians 4:24). The assurance of the faith is essential if we are going to enjoy the relationship God has purchased for us. Until we are willing to simply believe all of this has been freely provided for us as the gift of God, we will never realize the union and the authority we have been given. Another way to express this point is to realize how the opposite of the Greek word we translate ‘assurance’ (plerophoria) is ‘unbelief’ (apistis). The unbeliever is not allowed into the presence of the Almighty (Titus 1:15; Revelation 21:8). The language used in this verse reminds us of the washing that took place just before Aaron and his sons put on the priestly robes so they could stand before the presence of the Lord in the earthly tabernacle (Leviticus 8:6). All of the filth of the flesh had to be washed away before the holy garments could be worn. The blood of the covenant had to be applied so the sin of man could be removed before the presence of the Holy One of Israel. We must believe that the washing of regeneration has taken place – that the circumcision of Christ has removed the filthiness of the flesh (Titus 3:5; Colossians 2:11). We must believe that the blood of Jesus is upon us, testifying that sin has been destroyed and the life of God imparted (1 Peter 2:24; Romans 6:6; Galatians 2:20; 1 Corinthians 1:30; Colossians 1:27). Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen