Daily Bread 2/5/2021


Philippians 2:7 – But made Himself of no reputation, took the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.

Continuing on through Philippians 2:1-15 and the disposition we should have as God’s redeemed people, there can be no greater example of the humility we should have in our relationships than that given to us by Jesus Himself. Furthermore, when we consider our motives for doing things, we must make sure we are not using the gifts and special anointings we have been given to gain a reward or some personal advantage.

When we consider Jesus, we behold an example that is a must for us to follow if we are going to please the Father and do the right things with what He has given us (Hebrews 12). We must humble ourselves under the mighty care and provision of the Father, and entrust our well being and defense to Him (1 Peter 5:5-6; Psalm 23:1-6, 46:1-11, 91:1-16, 94:14-15, 22). Jesus was abused, but He never retaliated with a threat of God’s judgment and wrath upon the abusers; but rather, interceded for their forgiveness. We have all been called to come and learn of His servitude and humility if we desire to find the rest and favor of the Father (Matthew 11:28-29; John 13:12-17).


Pastor Mark Spitsbergen