Daily Bread 3/31/2021


2 Peter 3:13-14 – But according to His promise, we look with expectation for a new Heaven and a new Earth in which righteousness dwells. Beloved, because of this expectation be diligent, spotless, and blameless in Him, being found in peace.

Part 2 ~ The Progression of Events

The saints which come out of the first resurrection will rule with Jesus during His 1000-year reign on Earth; and as Paul said, we will judge the world (1 Corinthians 6:2; 2 Timothy 2:12; Matthew 19:28; Revelation 1:6). When the 1000 years are finished, Satan will be loosed for a season; and all of the nations will be once again gathered together against God and His saints (Revelation 20:7-10). This final rebellion will precipitate the final judgment.

At that time, the second resurrection will take place, and all of the unrighteous dead will be raised up; and those who lived through the 1000-year reign of Christ will be gathered before the Great White Throne (Revelation 20:11,15; Matthew 25:31-34). Everyone who is not found in the Book of Life will be cast into the Lake of Fire, including Satan and all of his angels (Revelation 20:10, 20:11-14).

After these events, the Universe will be sealed with the righteousness of God. The Earth and all of its works will be burnt up, and God will make a new Heaven and a new Earth in which only righteousness dwells (Revelation 21:1; Isaiah 65:17, 66:22, 51:6; 2 Peter 3:7-13; and Psalm 102:25-26, 46:2; Matthew 24:35; Mark 13:31; Hebrews 1:11-12; Nahum 1:5). The New Jerusalem will come down out of Heaven; and men will live forever in the glory of the Almighty God, Who shall reign forever and ever (Revelation 21:1-4, 21:10-27, 22:1-5). Today, all of us should be both looking for and cooperating with God in bringing forth this glorious event (2 Peter 3:11-12).


Pastor Mark Spitsbergen