Daily Bread 4/16/2022


Daily Bread – April 16, 2022 (The Seventh Day – Genesis 2:1-3) John 5:17 – But Jesus answered them, “My Father is always at work, and so I work.” Representing Jesus Properly When Jesus worked a miracle, it was by the Spirit of the Father – the Holy Spirit – and not something He did of Himself (Matthew 12:28; Luke 4:1,18). Gifts have been given to the Church just as they were given to Jesus, but it is the Holy Spirit Who works those gifts (Galatians 3:5; 1 Corinthians 12:10; John 7:38-39). We cannot take credit as though we had some special power from God that was our own; these are the activities of the Holy Spirit. To brag about what we can do, or in any way draw attention to ourselves, is a terrible wrong. When we stand in obedience and declare what God will do, it is the Holy Spirit Who performs the work so Jesus can be glorified – not a man. If we take credit, then we are receiving the glory; and God alone is to receive all of the glory. When the blind see, it is a marvelous thing; and anyone who has ever been used by God in this way, knows they had nothing to do with it. They were just as amazed and stunned as everyone else at the marvelous power of God at work. As the representatives of Christ Jesus, we must step out beyond the realm of the things that we can do, and believe God. If we will, then we will see the mighty power of a living God at work, Who both dwells in us and with us. These are holy and sacred things, and all of God’s people should be in awe of what great things God has done and will do – if we will only believe in Him, not ourselves. If we will look beyond ourselves and recognize Christ Jesus is in us, then the power of God to save and to heal will be realized. If we will recognize the anointing of the Holy Spirit and be sensitive to His presence, our eyes will begin to see the mighty hand of God revealed as we proclaim all these words of life! Jesus is here with us now to confirm His words with signs following, and He will remain with us until the end of the world (Matthew 18:20, 28:20; Mark 16:20). Miracles, signs, and wonders are the works of Jesus – not the works of men. They are the proof Jesus is alive from the dead and has received all power in Heaven and Earth. Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen