Daily Bread 5/10/2021


Ephesians 3:12 – In Whom we have boldness and access by confidence through His faith.

Part 3 ~ Confidence Is A Display Of The Faith Of Jesus

The word for confidence used in Ephesians 3:12 (‘pepoithesis’) is yet another word that equally expresses a state of certainty, and must be regarded as a synonym with ‘elpitzo’. God wants us to be persuaded in our hearts that all of His promises are “yes” and “amen!” (2 Corinthians 1:20). He wants us to be confident about our salvation and relationship with Him. We cannot be left to a mere hope when it is God Who has spoken! We must have the greatest confidence in the One Who loves us so. We can be certain regarding those things which we have not yet seen, because God has told us so!

If we are going to do what God expects, we must be valiant, certain, and confident. We cannot expect to enter into the realm of all His power and authority if we remain timid and uncertain (Ephesians 3:12). How can the skier release from the edge of the steep mountain cliff without the utmost confidence? Though others who had never skied might look with terror as the skier released, the one with the confidence would have a smile of adventure and pleasure. The skier would not throw herself down the steep slope with only a “hope” to make it down alive! Confidence is vastly superior to hope – and we are saved by faith, not by hope! Our confidence is a display of the faith we now have, even the faith of Jesus! We must be strong and very courageous if we are going to walk in our inheritance (Joshua 1:6-9; Mark 11:22).

Satan is the enemy of God and His saints. He makes war against us through every means within his power. Some of his primary instruments of war are the lies and propaganda he speaks against God and His saints. He would intimidate us and bring God’s love into question. His strategy is to first discourage, and then defeat. Demon spirits would create doubt, confusion, and uncertainty in the mind of God’s people in order to neutralize us and ultimately prevent us from walking in the glory that is ours. We must have a great confidence, which only comes through faith: the confidence that comes from the God of all confidence. His Word must be our sword, and His Presence a shield about us! When assailing thoughts would rise up against us along with accusations from our enemy, we must have a certainty that God is on our side!


Pastor Mark Spitsbergen