Daily Bread 5/19/2022


Daily Bread – May 19, 2022 (The Fifth Day – Genesis 1:20-23) Mark 16:17 – “And these miracles will follow those who believe: in My Name, they will drive out devils and speak with new tongues;” The Faith That Comes By The Name Of Jesus Jesus Christ, the resurrected God and Savior, gave power to anyone who would believe to do miracles in His Name – saying, “These miracles (signs) shall follow those who believe: in My Name, they shall cast out devils, they will speak with new tongues.” Should they take up a snake, or drink something deadly, they shall not be hurt. They shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. The authority and faith that comes by the Name of Jesus gives us the power to speak, and devils must obey (Matthew 12:28; Luke 9:1, 10:17). It brings us into a whole new dimension of speaking by the Spirit and operating in the realms of the miraculous. The Name of Jesus is also power against the deadly bite of a serpent, or the poisons that may exist in food or water. We lay hands on the sick, and they must recover. The miracles follow because the word of faith is spoken first, and then the miracles take place afterwards. These miracles were observed in the lives of the believers who were highlighted in the book of Acts. When Philip held an evangelistic meeting in Samaria, the power that is in the Name of Jesus was at work, for the unclean spirits cried out with a loud voice and came out of those who were possessed by them (Acts 8:7). Paul spoke in the Name of Jesus when he encountered a woman with a familiar spirit, saying, “I command you in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her,” and the demon left (Acts 16:18). When Paul was building a fire after having been shipwrecked on the island of Miletus, a deadly snake bit him; and the authority Jesus had prescribed kept him from suffering any harm (Acts 28:3-6). The poisons in nature are all part of a demon-cursed world, and Jesus came to destroy their power. The power and authority in His Name destroys the strongholds and effects of Satan, wherever and in whatever form they are encountered (Luke 10:19; 1 John 3:8). Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen