Daily Bread 7/28/2023


    Daily Bread – July 28, 2023 (The Sixth Day – Genesis 1:24-31) Luke 8:15 – But that in the good ground are those who hear the Word, hold it fast in an honorable and good heart, bring forth fruit by perseverance. Bearing Fruit If we hold fast to the Word of God in an honorable and true heart, then through the perseverance of cleaving unto it when the world rushes by us with all its temporal pleasure and self-gratifying temptations, we will be safe. As we hold it fast and wait on God, we will be able to stand in the evil day when the storms of life threaten all that we have; and with all life’s affections being laid before us, we find our hearts unmovable (Luke 6:48). By a steadfast commitment to walk in the Spirit and obey God’s Word, the abundance of fruit that God has called and ordained us to bring forth will spring up a hundredfold in our lives (John 15:5, 7, 16; 2 Peter 1:8-10). The Lord Jesus says today even as He did then, “Let everyone who has ears to hear, listen!” (Luke 8:8). He has given everyone the ability to examine their own hearts and determine for themselves what their response has been to the Word of God. If we have received His Word and held tightly to it, then it will surely produce all the good things God has promised! Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen