Daily Bread 8/2/2023


Daily Bread – August 2, 2023 (The Fourth Day – Genesis 1:14-19) Hebrews 11:1 – Now faith is the reality of things expected, the proof of what is not seen. What Is Reality? What is reality to you? Most people live their lives on the logical predictions they forecast for themselves. For example: we predict our budgets based upon what money we make, and then we predict what we can and cannot do based upon that budget – which of course is all very sensible and rational. But there is a reality which is superior to the one in which we forecast our present and future events – and that is the reality of God’s promises. The Word of God and the promises of God produce faith. Fundamentally, God’s promises produce a good hope, or expectation, of the future. The Spirit of the Lord takes that hope and expectation into the realm of divine power and provides faith. The person hears and believes what is spoken, and the Holy Spirit acts to produce the miracle. We may trust in God to work on our behalf, but faith allows us to participate with God in the miracle. Faith is joining together with God through obedience and purpose. It’s an intimate connection and cooperation with the Holy Spirit.  Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen