The Last Two Kingdoms: Unveiling What The Bible Really Says About The End Times

By Dr. Mark Spitsbergen, ThD, MS

The church has waited for the return of Christ Jesus for almost 2,000 years–unimaginable to Christians of the first century. The calamities surrounding Israel in 70 AD seemed to fulfill many of the scriptures that predicted His return. If there was ever a time when the church would have said the time is now, it would have been then. However, each time the church has said, “The time is now,” there have been missing pieces to the prophetic puzzle. We all want Jesus to return, but there are still events yet to be fulfilled before His return. The great Empire of the Ten Kings whose tyranny could only be rivaled by ancient Rome must arise. This future Empire will be unlike the nations and kingdoms of today. It is in the days of these great changes that the Antichrist will arise and take control. This book will highlight many of those events and changes that the Scripture reveals must take place before the second coming of the Lord.

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The Last Two Kingdoms