We are our Brother’s Keeper

Some startling statistics:*

  • There are approximately 4.2 million pornographic websites (12% of total websites).
  • There are approximately 372 million pornographic pages.
  • Daily pornographic search engine requests are approximately 68 million (25% of all requests).
  • Approximately 2.5 billion pornographic emails are sent each day (8% of total emails).
  • Each internet/email user receives an average of 4.5 pornographic emails each day.
  • The average child’s age of their first Internet exposure to pornography is 11 years old.
  • The largest consumer of Internet pornography are children in the 12-17 age group.
  • 90% of 8-16 year olds have viewed porn online (most while doing homework).
  • 47% of Christians said pornography is a major problem in the home.

The wages of sin is still death! Internet users (including those that use email) need to be protected! King David said, I will set no wicked thing before my eyes; I hate the works of revolt, none of it shall cleave to me.” – Psalms 101:3.  As Christians we need to be wise and act responsibly! We can not ignore this demonic assault and allow the forces of evil to penetrate the sacredness of our homes and families. If we allow such things into our homes we shall reap the consequences.

A Practical Application

Recently, I read a discussion by an Orthodox Jewish group regarding the internet. Their conclusion was that the internet should be banned from the world – a conclusion that I am certain is in keeping with God’s own opinion. The reason for this judgment is based on all of the potential immoral and decadent sites that one brings into their lives and their homes by virtue of the fact that such sites are at one’s fingertips (of course this can also be said of cable and satellite networks such as HBO and Showtime). These sites destroy both the spiritual and ultimately the physical well-being of all who look upon them (Romans 6:23; Galatians 6:8; 1 John 2:17). Therefore, we have to become responsible to block those sites from our own communities. First the community of our home and family, second the community of our church and congregation, and third the community of our work place.

How can we effectively do this? We must buy the appropriate filters, as well as participate in monitors. We cannot set evil things before our own eyes, and we must not be responsible for placing evil things before the eyes of our family and communities (Psalm 101:3; Habakkuk 1:13; 1 Peter 1:16). We are not to gaze or even glance at a woman who is immodestly dressed (Matthew 5:28; Job 31:1). God has commanded us to not enter into the path of the wicked, and to not go in the way of evil men. We are to avoid it, to turn from it, and pass away from it (Proverbs 4:14-15).

My recommendation is that you have a brother or sister that is an extended family member set the password on the filter that you set up. An accountability structure that would serve as an additional and needed safeguard would be the web monitoring system. Once again, this system should be set and monitored by someone that you are willing to be accountable to. One excellent way of doing this is to make yourselves accountable to each other. Therefore the person that you allow to monitor your computer(s) should in turn allow you to monitor their computer(s). You will have to be patient and work through the restrictions that will be placed on sites that you may need to visit that are blocked, even though they contain no harmful material/pictures. The effort will be more than worthwhile, as you will save your soul from a snare; as well as those that are around you.

~  Pastor Mark Spitsbergen

What You Must Do

1.  Option One – Get filtering software for your computers, IPads and Smart Phones. Filtering software is loaded on your internet enabled devices to actually block access to pornographic content.

For PC’s please check out these options; Be sure to check their system requirements to find the software that is right for you.

For Macintosh Computers, please check out these options; Be sure to check their system requirements to find the software that is right for you.

For Smart Phones & other internet enabled devices, check out these options/solutions:

You can compare and review internet filtering software here:  http://internet-filter-review.toptenreviews.com/

2.  Option Two – Get an Internet Service Provider that filters content for you.

3.  Option Three – Get a web filter service.

And lastly, you should take steps to block ads from your Facebook account and other web sites that you visit. Many of these ads are pornographic and lascivious in nature – and these cannot be allowed any place in our lives. The following site should serve as a solution to the problem http://adblockplus.org/.

Act Now – Don’t Delay. The best defense against this trap of the enemy is to “Avoid it, pass not by it, turn from it, and pass away.” Proverbs 4:15