Daily Bread 2/20/2023


    Daily Bread – February 20, 2023 (The Second Day – Genesis 1:6-8) Proverbs 3:9-10 – Honor Yahweh with your wealth and the first fruits of all your increase, and your storehouse shall be filled with plenty and your wine vats will overflow with new wine When we engage in the faith realm of giving, two very important things happen. First of all, we are honoring and recognizing how it was the Lord Who gave us the things we possess. And secondly, faith is being released and developed through obedience to the Word of God that will produce a confidence and boldness to step out and believe for things previously out of reach. The acts of faith in giving pave the way for the acts of faith in reaping. Faith is far superior to money or things. Faith is the realm of the miraculous that supplies bread in famine, and monetary provision from the mouth of a fish (1 Kings 17:6; Matthew 17:25-27). Those who put their trust in uncertain riches, such as money, will come up short in the hour of need; but faith produces the supernatural supply of God no matter what the circumstance might be. Faith is not limited by the few (what men would say is not enough); but with the few, faith produces the miracle supply beyond what the wealthy can afford (John 6:9; Mark 8:15-21; Matthew 15:34). Faith allows us to move beyond the impossible, and step out into the realms where normal men would never go because it is too risky. The great 20th century evangelist Billy Graham lived by the faith motto of “Attempt something so impossible that you will surely fail unless God intervenes.” How do men learn to walk in this kind of faith? Through stepping out and taking of their substance and the first-fruits of their increase, and honoring the Lord with it. My advice to you is to let the Holy Spirit develop this kind of faith in your life as you give yourselves to both giving and seeking first the things God’s heart is set on. Blessings Pastor Mark Spitsbergen