Daily Bread 3/24/2021


Philippians 3:8 – And what is more, I continue to regard everything as loss for the incomprehensible privilege of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord – for Whom I have suffered the loss of everything, and consider it dung; that I might win Christ.

He lives right now in us, this is the life! One glimpse of His life should be all we need in order to abandon everything and run to Him – that’s what Paul did! Yet if we still linger, being lured by other interests, God in His mercy and goodness continues to show us the beauty and the splendor of the life of Christ. To win out on the fullness of the life of Christ, all other things must be counted as nothing in comparison. It is wrong to think that we should be graced with something that is beyond a royal life and still juggle another identity.

How can any other options compare to the glory revealed in Jesus? The call of God is too magnificent to allow it to play second to that which is only temporal. God wants to bless us with all the wealth of the ages: the life of Christ; so then, why would we put our trust in anything that will only pass away like spring grass in summer? If we all could grasp the opportunity we have been given to be taught by God how to truly live the life of Jesus, surely we would quickly cast aside the worldly interest and run to Jesus – Who calls us to come. To see Jesus and know Him causes all other things to lose their value.

All our struggles exist in holding onto our own life; but Jesus simply says, “Deny it, and come and follow me!” Can you do this and still have a job, raise children and participate in a community? Certainly! It is only that the workplace and every place becomes a place to demonstrate the life of Christ Jesus. Oh the love, the joy, all the ways of God you would find; and the world around you would have a light shining for them to see Who Jesus is. Yet, the pride of life would entice the very elect to hold back and keep the life of Jesus in the background.

What a great loss both to ourselves and to those whose lives would be impacted by such surrender and consecration. It’s such a tragedy to do things our own way and end up with nothing more than wood, stubble, and hay. The Holy Spirit would teach us how to live divine kingly lives, and all we must do is fully embrace the life of Christ Jesus. Come and behold Jesus by the Spirit of the Lord. Come sit in His presence and seek His face until you want nothing more. Then arise in a heavenly vision; take up your cross, and follow Him. This is the life we now live in the flesh – the life of the Son of God.


Pastor Mark Spitsbergen