Daily Bread 7/10/2023


    Daily Bread – July 10, 2023 (The Second Day – Genesis 1:6-8) Philippians 4:4 – Rejoice in the Lord always; and again I say, rejoice. The Benefits Of Simple Obedience To God’s Word The biggest joy thief is sin and condemnation. The Lord has all of the mercy and compassion we could ever need, so if you find yourself failing to walk in the obedience which God demands, He will forgive you. However, sin is deadly because it makes you that much more vulnerable to the influences of the Satanic. The powers of darkness will affect your emotions, steal your joy, and create all forms of slander against the truth. What a terrible mess to have to work through. Things can be challenging enough without giving Satan a key to the door of your heart! Simple obedience to the Word of God is not that difficult, and the reward and benefits are great – both now and through eternity. One of the many glorious things about being obedient to the Word of God is fullness of joy. So many Christians live their lives in sadness and sorrow, while all the time, the life of Christ has been granted to them. The abundant life that is in Christ Jesus is far better than any other kind of life. The peace provided, the joyfulness and gladness of heart – these things are unparalleled by anything else in this world! Blessings, Pastor Mark Spitsbergen